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Montreal Makers Market-spring market

27-28 avril 2024 - 11h à 17h

5945 rue Cartier, Montréal

Salon d'été- Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu

4-5 mai 2024 

Stade Dupont-Ford


About Grams

Grams Illustration is my creative outlet, where I like to capture and illustrate the beauty in everyday moments. Coming from an artistic background, I like to bring a playful and whimsical style to all my projects.

My goal is to bring a sense of joy and lightheartedness to my illustrations, so that you can look at them and feel inspired. I’m passionate about creating art that can be shared and enjoyed by others and I invite you to explore my portfolio and see what I’ve been up to.



A web comic depicting my everyday adventures

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Various products, online, in person and downloadable.

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In a series of illustrations, I want to present some projects I have done in the past in the hope of finding new incredible projects to work on.

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