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Here's all my products in their different formats

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Redbubble is an online shop where artists can upload their artwork and the client gets to choose the products they want the artwork on. I use the website to give my clients the freedom to choose the artwork, the product and when they want their gifts.


Art Markets

Multiple times a year I go to art markets and I sell some products like stickers, magnets and prints. I also make one of a kind arts, like paintings, cards and mugs where every item is unique. By going to these events, I get to meet new people and have beautiful conversation. In those market, you get to meet the artist behind the art and see the art in real life.

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Patreon is a website where artists can interact with their fanbase . By subscribing to my patreon, you get access to exclusive content for just a few dollars a month, such as fanart, screensavers and videos.

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